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I have always been an artist.  Since I was a little girl I have been drawing, painting, and taking pictures. When I was ten, my dad taught me how to make stained glass windows.  I collage, mosaic and even build furniture out of cardboard.  I also enjoy the sense of calm I get from designing on the computer.  There are so many mediums I like to work in I never knew what to do with myself. One might call me a Renaissance Woman.  After getting a BA in Studio Art from Indiana University, I went to Columbia College Chicago and received a Master's in Interdisciplinary Arts Education.  I became an art teacher and I loved it.  I think because I was always getting myself involved in new and excited projects I had tons to teach.

The program at Columbia was geared towards 'urban focued education'.  My first job was on the west side of Chicago in a very bad neighborhood.  Surprisingly, I found joy in showing kids art that had never really seen it before. Even when they were difficult students (and there were plenty of those).  When I got married and moved to the suburbs, I took a job in Waukegan because I wanted to continue to teach in an environment that needed good teachers to kids that didn't get every opportunity.  I taught for five years until my daughter, Harper, was born. Teaching is hard work.  It takes energy inside the classroom and outside. After I became a mother, there was a long period where I only had energy for Harper. Selfish?  Not to her.

During these past two years I decided I wanted to work for myself.  I wanted to find a niche in the community where I live and make myself useful and still be at home as much as possible.  And now that Harper is in preschool, my dream is becoming real.

I find creating websites, logos, and montages helps me fill a creative hole that would otherwise be empty.  I also have more time to make my own art which is how I decorate my house.  I find, more often then not, that I have an eye for design.  I know what looks good and it is exciting to help other people find the mark that suits them.

I am Lizy.  I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a teacher, and an artist.

Please enjoy my site.