MANDO Consulting, LLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in building organization effectiveness and developing human capital.  Anna Zaltz, the founder, wanted the site to be fresh and attractive.  Since the logo is vertical, I used a left sidebar menu and black and white imagery on the frontpage.  It makes the site feel creative and spunky without losing its professional air.

Zemas Madhouse Foods is an ancient grain, gluten-free baking mix company started by Jill Motew and based in Highland Park, Illinois. Jill was one of my first clients and has worked with LIZYBLOOM since March, 2012.  Her site has undergone three significant revisions over the years, the most recent of which was completed in March, 2015. Jill wanted her new site to be simple and uncluttered so I used lots of white space with simple designs taken from her packaging. The site was developed around a WooCommerce ecommerce platform.  In addition to selling her baking mixes, the site features The Gluten-Free Blog, a store locator map, and hundreds of recipes.


Elise Brill, founder of, originally hired me in the summer of 2012 to update her website. Since the original update, we have redesigned the site twice to keep up with current trends. The most recent design was finished during the winter of 2017. With over 200 makeup products, we developed the site and tightly integrated it with the WooCommerce Ecommerce platform without losing either the look or feel of the overall site. In addition to her product line, also showcases her work as an event makeup artist.

Neuropath is the leader in intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring but if you’re not a surgeon, you probably don’t know what that means. The site needs to contain a significant amount of very technical information but it is laid out in a way that was visually pleasing and easy for its various users to understand and navigate.

Barbara Moss is the driving force behind Barbara Moss Events and is a wedding planner based on Chicago’s North Shore.  Her website needed to portray the beauty of the weddings she plans so I made the main focus of the site an amazing Ajax portfolio.

Fiscal Choice Consulting advises government clients of all sizes, from rural agencies to the largest cities and states.  Their site needs to be clear, concise and attractive to potential clients.  This site is professional-looking and describes the services they offer as well as some of the successes they’ve achieved for their clients.